Forward - the Women's March

Women's March participants,

How are you? How'd did it feel to march? How did standing up for what you believe in feel? Wasn't participating in an act of resistance empowering? Did you feel the power of protesting with your fellow wo(man)?

You stood up for someone today, either yourself or the women in your lives. Men, you either joined in solidarity or are smart enough to realize that the wellbeing of women is related to your own. That we are all in this together.

I wanted to write a note to you while you're still high on activism and personal autonomy. If you truly believe in disrupting oppressive systems, stand with people of color, black people, and the LGBTQ community. Many of whom marched with you today. 

Be a real freedom fighter. Be a feminist that embraces unity and intersectionality. Imagine how it feels to fight for someone other than yourself, not because you have something to gain, but because you know it's right. 

Now that you know how it feels to march forward, don't stop.

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